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Vienna: Imperial Vienna completely in the splendor of Sissi

Vienna – the city bursting with pomp and glamour, while combining Austrian coziness and the image of the Alpine country through traditional wineries. It is precisely in this wonderful city that an energy company asked us to create a high-end program around meetings that captures the glamor of the city.

Alpbach: Why not a whole village?

An international internet company wanted an exclusive and out of the ordinary incentive trip for their employees. It was obvious that renting an extraordinary hotel was not the answer, since our client also wished to be close to nature and have enough space for new activities in order to find the perfect work-life balance.

Munich and Kitzbühel: One country is sometimes not enough

Why just change the location if you can change the country? You might be familiar with island hopping but what about country hopping? One beautiful think about Europe is that it doesn’t take long to get from one country to another – so why only stay in one? This was exactly the thought of our customer, who is a Zinc Casting producer.

Hamburg: And the award goes to…

And the award goes to…! An international insurance company invited its outstanding sales staff to our beautiful Hamburg. The main challenge we faced was to create an extraordinary incentive trip with an award ceremony for a well-travelled group with plenty of experience.

Berlin: We want fabulous – that is a simple request

We want fabulous that is a simple request! – And what is more fabulous than giving your employees and their spouses the top of high end in every aspect possible?
On behalf of an international law firm, we were requested to create an expirence in the highest of emotions – only the best of the best, full of luxury, but at the same time experiencing the German capital from its most typical sides.