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Berlin: We want fabulous – that is a simple request

What did our client want?

An extraordinary meeting and spouses program


Berlin, Germany

How many attendees?


The challenge

We want fabulous that, is a simple request! – And what is more fabulous than giving your employees and their spouses the top of high end in every aspect possible?

On behalf of an international law firm, we were requested to create an expirence in the highest of emotions – only the best of the best, full of luxury, but at the same time experiencing the German capital from its most typical sides. The greater challenge, however, was the combination of two different and coordinated programs. On the one hand, the conference program and, on the other hand, exciting leisure activities at a suitable time so that the accompanying spouses could also enjoy the trip and a great social program. So the challenge was to combine two different demands within one group with common program points.

Our Plan

Berlin has some well-known five star luxury hotels, which convince with absolute high-end programs. But which of them is the best of the best –the most fabulous? That’s exactly how we looked for a hotel that not only meets but exceeds the high expectations. An important requirement is, naturally, a pompous and classy meeting room, so that the luxury is reflected in this area since our client had scheduled several meetings. In order to bring the  factor of trendy and edgy Berlin to the companys trip to Germany, the big gala evening was planned to combine both – the citys flair and luxury in addition to sightseeing programs.  

The solution

A luxury hotel, which exudes the charm of a high-quality home through stylish furnishings, an event location that reflects the Berlin spirit, splendid conference rooms with stucco and a Spouses program tailored to the meeting – let’s go. Besides the one of a kind meeting room, the hotel was perfectly suited for the group. Being not in the normal and boring style of a standard five star hotel, it became the ideal choice through clever and stylish interior design combined with countless amenities. 

The event location of the gala evening was an old converted waterworks, through which the edgy look of Berlin met the high-end catering and mobiles. This created exactly the concept that is embodied in the German capitals way of living. To further enhance the event then a grandiose entertainment program was essential.

©Wasserwerk Berlin