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From historical highlights to future trends

Destination Management
for Germany und Austria

Your incoming agency for your special groups on site

When it comes to traveling in Germany and Austria the range of possibilities is striking. Many cities are worth a visit for several days, historic sights are set in scenic landscapes, romantic rivers and wine regions invite you to stay. Cultural highlights, historic or modern, are omnipresent in both countries. Leading international trade fairs and congresses are held in Germany and Austria and offer a demonstration of innovation and industrial leadership, while also being a platform for cultural and business interaction. Is your client looking for something special? Find out about the variety of attractions that Germany and Austria can offer, and INBOUND Services is happy to organize it for you. Discover destinations full of surprises and possibilities, while also offering good quality, high standards, reliability and efficiency.


Germany is located in the center of Europe and easily accessible through many international airports. The historical highlights and many UNESCO cultural heritage points invite you to stay. Old and modern, traditional and innovative – the contrast is inspiring. From the castles in Bavaria to the hip and trendy city of Berlin, from the historical city of Dresden to the dome of Cologne, many places are full of history and sights. And the beautiful landscapes like the Bavarian Alps with their rural tradition or the river Rhine with its romantic castles and renowned wine production are just a few of the other highlights. Important international trade fairs and exhibitions, international congresses and conferences take place in major German cities. Many German companies are willing to show visitors around and to share information and experience on technical visits.


Austria’s position in the heart of Europe is equally beneficial for participants at numerous conferences, meetings and conventions taking place here. Its capital, Vienna, is considered an important gate to the Eastern European market, and many companies have their headquarters here. The former empire boasts of historical palaces and places. One can still see and feel the grandness of former times, when Austria was the most important power in Europe. And this is seen in the cultural and architectural highlights, such as Mozart and Haydn, the Schönbrunn palace and Hofburg castle in Vienna.
The landscape along the river Danube, the Wachau, is one of the most picturesque areas, with a long tradition in wine cultivation that stretches back to the time of the Romans.