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Hamburg: And the award goes to…

What did our client want?

And the award goes to…


Hamburg, Germany

How many attendees?


The challenge

And the award goes to…! An international insurance company invited 170 of its outstanding sales staff to our beautiful Hamburg. The main challenge we faced was to create an extraordinary incentive trip with an award ceremony for a well-travelled group with plenty of experience. The mission was clear – to show the authentic and simply beautiful side of Hamburg and therefore create an unforgettable experience for all of the employees.

Our Plan

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of the Hanseatic city? Properly, Hamburg is a city that is characterized by water through and through. Consequently, the focus of the teambuilding activities was clear from an early stage. When it comes to experiencing the Hanseatic city, there is hardly a more beautiful way than from a canoe, boat or other fun water activities. We wanted the big gala evening to take place in a location that – in the best case – is not at all similar to other event locations. Needless to say, you can’t just book a big chain hotel for such an experienced group, so we looked for accommodation that would combine the edgy side of the city with special features, while still providing the necessary comfort and security.

The solution

So let’s talk about how we can solve this mission and create something perfectly tailored to the group! In addition to many teambuilding measures, the hotel was in the foreground. Nothing less than a converted water tower with an underground lobby and located in one of the coolest districts of Hamburg close to one of the most – if not the most – diverse park with water features, botanical gardens and Japanese gardens, was the perfect fit.

For the award ceremony we found the perfect place, full of history! Gruenspan is a music club in the middle of the infamous Reeperbahn and at the end of the entertainment mile, a true Hamburg institution. Music legends such as Bryan Adams and Linkin Park have already played in the by columns and galleries is characterized. Exactly at this place – where parts of Nirvana already competed against Bryan Adams in a snowball fight – a gala dinner took place in the middle of the historic and breathtaking atmosphere which the group had never experienced before. Thus we have created by the close connection with the charm of the hanseatic city in any elements a special trip, about which the trip experienced group will talk for a long time.