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Munich and Kitzbühel: One country is sometimes not enough

What did our client want?

One country is sometimes not enough


Munich, Germany and Kitzbühel, Austria

How many attendees?


The challenge

Why just change the location if you can change the country?  You might be familiar with island hopping but what about country hopping? One beautiful think about Europe is that it doesn’t take long to get from one country to another – so why only stay in one?  This was exactly the thought of our customer, who is a Zinc Casting producer. The German metropolis Munich was given as the main destination. As the headquarters of the BMW Group, it also offers the opportunity to visit the factory of the manufacturer of the German premium cars. Luckily it’s less than a two hour drive from Munich to the Alpine Town.

Our Plan

Munich – the right place for any fan of quality German cars of the BMW brand. Since the company had invited its 110 employees to Munich to visit the BMW factory, it was obvious that we had a very car-interested group. Fortunately, Munich offers a lot of options. In addition to the factory, there is BMW Welt, with many old and famous models, and the BMW Museum, which tells the story of the successful car manufacturer.  Everything, including the architecture of the impressive world is made in excellent and high quality, as you know it from the brand. Another big point was the gala evening, which should be especially extraordinary and special. And hey, why not just change the location when you can change the whole country? So off we go to Austria.  

The solution

No sooner said than done. Munich, which is both modern and very traditional at the same time, offered us many opportunities for innovative teambuilding variants and was perfect for putting the work visit in the right setting. To round off the whole event with a real showstopper, all the guests headed “just quickly” to the Austrian Alps. The gala dinner took place in a real traditional Austrian location in Kitzbühel, which is very popular with skiers and hikers. On the alpine alm, which is characterized by the Austrian coziness paired with the needed glam factor for a Gala Dinner, we let spend an evening, which we will not forget so quickly by the view, the ambience and the authenticity.

© München Tourismus, Joerg Lutz
© Kitzbühel Tourismus 
© München Tourismus, Bernd Römmelt