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Alpbach: Why not a whole village?

What did our client want?

Why not a whole village


Alpbach, Austria

How many attendees?


The challenge

An international internet company wanted an exclusive and out of the ordinary incentive trip for their employees. It was obvious that renting an extraordinary hotel was not the answer, since our client also wished to be close to nature and have enough space for new activities in order to find the perfect work-life balance. Our focus was very clear – it should be an outstanding incentive trip. To top it all off the trip as a whole should be sustainable.

Our Plan

It’s one thing to exclusively book a hotel, but what’s the next step? If you thought of booking all accommodations in a whole village exclusively, then you are right. With this in mind, we started looking for an exclusive place that is close to nature and mountains, has many options for activities and is easy to reach from several airports.

The solution

And so just like that, we found a way to do it. The perfect alpine town, close to airports, with many possibilities for activities and many accommodations came to our mind. Alpbach itself has exceptional meeting facilities that have been awarded a sustainability certificate. What particularly surprised the group and created the necessary wow effect was the integration of the large meeting room into the mountainside – and whoever now thinks that this is a gloomy space was mistaken. Because through many windows a panorama is created with tons of daylight.  Consequently, we booked Alpbachs accomodations exclusively for our customers! The mayor himself entrusted the key of the town to the CEO of the company as a symbol that the doors are open and everyone is welcome. The whole experience was very exclusive and something our clients have never seen before. Everything was branded in the company’s colors and logos. It felt like the city was built for the internet company. For their stay, we had many activities centered around outdoor team building. There were also fantastic dining options, including dinners at the top of the mountain and after parties with entertainment.

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