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Destination Management Germany


Dresden is also known as Florence on the Elbe because of its many historical buildings dating back to times of the kings of Saxony. The city is dominated by the river Elbeand its green meadows along the bank, as well as the Frauenkirche, which has been completely restored in recent years.

Many buildings, museums and world famous orchestras witness the importance and wealththat Dresden once had: the Dresden Zwinger, the Semper Opera House and Royal Palace as well as many otherhistorical monumentsand ensembles, which determine the image of the city.

The surroundings of the city offer many sights worth a visit: a boat trip along the river Elbe on one of the traditional paddle-wheel steamers; an excursion to Saxon Switzerland with romantic mountains, lonely valleys and beautiful castles and fortresses; or Meissen, the place where porcelain history in Germany began.

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