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Destination Management Germany


Frankfurt is situated on the Mainriver and is one of the most important financial centers in continental Europe and home of the European Central Bank.

A modern and traditional mix form the city, especially skyscrapers hosting international banks, leading to the name “Mainhatten”. Vor allem Wolkenkratzer, die internationale Banken beherbergen, geben der Stadt den Namen “Mainhatten“. And just next to it, the old Frankfurt quarters, such as Sachsenhausenor the rebuilt town hall Römer, show the traditional Frankfurt. Here, one can enjoy typical German food and the local apple wine in cozy pubs and inns.

Close to Frankfurt is the Rheingau, where Germany’s best wines are growing along the river Rhine. An invitation to learn about the German Rieslingcultivation, visit castles or monasteries, or the romantic town of Rüdesheim for wine tasting.

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