Coffee & Cake – The Viennese Coffee House Culture

What does literature have to do with coffee? A whole lot actually, at least when it comes to Vienna. Considered as part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the Viennese Coffee House Culture is not just popular but even considered to be an essential part of Vienna’s traditions. And the Viennese agree completely, thinking of it […]

We live sustainability – get a closer view of our measures for a sustainable contribution


Sustainability is one of our biggest challenge today. As your responsible partner we have improved  our workflows and certified our sustainability management. And because we do feel responsible how your clients travel, we have also developed ways that have a positive impact on the environment and local community in our destinations. STTP certificate by GSTC […]

5 things to consider for safe travelling

One thing concerning us all in tourism at the moment is the question of travel safety – both physically and financially. The year 2020 showed us how quickly a crisis can evolve and that considering the worst case and preparing for it has become all the more important. Many years we took safe travelling for […]

Where to go next? 4 Recommendations from our Employees

Summer is coming closer and we are slowly wakening from our winter sleep. To give you some inspiration for your next trip, we have asked our project managers about their favourite destinations in Germany and Austria. They will tell you how to have a great time and share some secret tips with you! Katrin, our […]

20 years of German Thoroughness & Scandinavian Mentality

This year, INBOUND Services celebrates its 20th anniversary! In honour of this special occasion, the owners Wenche and Jens take a trip down memory lane and remember the past 20 years of leading INBOUND Services. How did it all start and how did they become so successful? How did it all start? INBOUND Services was […]

Kitzbühel: Summer in the Alps

The winter season is still going strong but soon, the snow will melt away and slowly make place for extensive greenery and luscious nature. And with it comes an infinite urge to get outside and enjoy life in its fullest, breathing in all the fresh air we can and letting the sunrays touch our skin. […]

Düsseldorf: The Longest Bar in the World

When coming to Düsseldorf, which is located in Western Germany, a lot of people wander through the old town, trying to find ‘the longest bar in the world’. Especially tourists are confused by the term, as it is often mistaken for being real. Unfortunately it is not – the meaning is only symbolic and means […]