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Beyond the Ordinary Part 2: Explore the mesmerising locations of Vienna and Munich

In our last newsletter we had the pleasure of introducing Hamburg and Berlin as special destinations with extraordinary event locations.

This newsletter is about Vienna and Munich, which can definitely keep up with their fascinating and very special locations and surely have something suitable for you.

Whether a pompous gala dinner in elegant Vienna or a tailor-made dinner in beautiful Munich, let us create your unforgettable evening together.
The State Hall of the State Library in Vienna is not only an important place for the preservation of historical documents, but also a unique event location.
Here we can host your event in a breathtaking setting and inspire with an unforgettable experience. The high ceilings, the ornate frescoes and the countless bookshelves create a unique atmosphere that will delight you. There is the possibility of exclusive guided tours through the museum to get an even deeper impression.
The luxurious ambience of the Palais Liechtenstein turns moments into memories and leaves an impression of princely life – at elegant cocktail receptions, gala dinners as well as seminars and conferences.
Discover Vienna’s Palais Liechtenstein as an exclusive event location with historical charm. Enjoy the elegance of this magnificent jewel, suitable for events of all kinds.
A true gem with over 100 years of tradition and yet equipped with state-of-the-art event and air-conditioning technology, the Teatro in Munich is a guarantee for an unforgettable experience. Thanks to its timeless beauty and elegance and the glitter of countless lights in the mirrors, it exudes a touch of nostalgia and almost forgotten glamour and offers a unique atmosphere for festive occasions.
BMW Welt is a premier event location renowned for its blend of modern design and elegance. With its versatile spaces and cutting-edge technology, it offers a perfect setting for conferences, product launches, and gala dinners. The venue’s flexible floor plan allows for customization, while its central location ensures easy accessibility for guests. BMW Welt’s exceptional facilities, combined with its commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences, make it a top choice for hosting memorable events.

©Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Pichler
©Palais Lichtenstein/ Sebastian Burziwal 
©Theatro München

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