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Kitzbühel: Summer in the Alps

The winter season is still going strong but soon, the snow will melt away and slowly make place for extensive greenery and luscious nature. And with it comes an infinite urge to get outside and enjoy life in its fullest, breathing in all the fresh air we can and letting the sunrays touch our skin. Time to plan an outdoor trip for the summertime, but where to go?

The Alps are not only for winter

Although many think of winter and skiing when it comes to the Alps, the alpine regions are great for summer as well. There is so much to do there because of the endless possibilities in the versatile and breathtaking nature that offers everything from high mountain peaks, luscious meadows and deep forests to calm lakes or rapid rivers meandering between the cliffy rocks. Our favorite destination in the Alps just has to be Kitzbühel, a charming town with historical value right in the middle of incredible mountain scenery, serving you an exciting and vibrant town while still delivering rural atmosphere.

Active outdoor program meets recreation and relaxation

No matter if you want to go fast or slow, if you prefer adrenaline-filled activities or leisurely relaxation, Kitzbühel is the right town for both.

An absolute must when visiting is definitely to go hiking up in the mountains. There are great routes for everyone that we can adjust to the group depending on the wishes and fitness level. A special one is the “Hahnenkamm hike” where you follow the famous ski slope “Streif” – the racetrack for the annual Hahnenkamm race – that is not only an infamous slope for skiers but also a wonderful hiking trail with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and down onto the town.

Another popular way to get around the region and enjoy the green mountains is to take the mountain bike or e-bike. Our professional guides map out a route specific to the group’s needs and with the e-bike it is even possible to do that on a lower fitness level with more support by the electric motor.

If you prefer to be even more active and use your strength, dexterity and endurance, then rafting, rock climbing and canoeing are the right thing for you. They are not just challenging, but also exciting ways to see the region from a different perspective. They give you such an incredible sense of the forces of nature, whether it is the rapid currents of streaming rivers, the sheer amazement of the narrow gorges being carved out by water or the cliffy rocks of steep mountain walls. Other adrenaline-induced options are tandem paragliding and the flying fox in a climbing park up in the mountains.

For groups preferring a more comfortable trip full of enjoyment and relaxation, there are activities such as a gourmet tour showing you the rural area along with traditional Tyrolean cuisine to indulge in. A more relaxed activity is also Stand-Up Paddling on the Schwarzsee, a beautiful lake just outside of Kitzbühel. If you want to get the full experience of mountain panorama, there is also ballooning as a more comfortable alternative to tandem paragliding where you just get to enjoy the breathtaking view over the Alps. And in the town itself, there are some historical sights to check out as well as restaurants with hearty meals for those who want to enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Our favorite destination in the Alps

Besides its beautiful alpine landscape and historical town, there are also practical reasons for why Kitzbühel is our favorite destination in the Alps: It is located in the middle of the Alps, yet the international airport Munich is not too far away, making the transfer to the destination easy and guaranteeing easy accessibility even for those who only want to stay for two or three nights. It is especially great for groups thanks to our hotel partners and suppliers there who deliver great accommodation with generally good availability and fun activities in such a professional manner, making it possible for us to offer exciting outdoor programs for everyone – no matter the fitness level.

We definitely recommend travelling to Kitzbühel in summer to explore the impressive beauty of the Alps in the warmer seasons. It is such a magnificent destination with so much to offer that it would be a shame to miss out on, so be sure to put it on your bucket list!