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We live sustainability – get a closer view of our measures for a sustainable contribution

Sustainability is one of our biggest challenge today. As your responsible partner we have improved  our workflows and certified our sustainability management.

And because we do feel responsible how your clients travel, we have also developed ways that have a positive impact on the environment and local community in our destinations.

STTP certificate by GSTC – Global Sustainable Tourism Council

We successfully attended the Sustainable Tourism Training Program at the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. We got an in-depth knowledge of the GSTC Criteria, the baseline standard for sustainability in travel and tourism and developed sustainable practices and policies in our company.

Offset CO2 footprint with Atmosfair

Atmosfair carbon offset projects reduce CO₂ emissions and support sustainable development by transferring technology and combating poverty. If you would like to compensate the carbon footprint of your event, Atmosfair calculates it and you can pay off the CO2 footprint of your event, support Atmosfair projects worldwide and receive a certification of saved CO₂ emissions.

Hotels: Our icon helps you to find the right certified partners

Our hotels use i.e. following certification partners:

Transportation: We offer sustainable alternatives for transportation

Restaurants: We work with restaurants that follow a sustainable aspect in regards to:

Activities: We work with suppliers who offer sustainable activities such as:

Our icons help you to find the right certified partner                      

If you need some inspirations to plan your sustainable group activity don’t hesitate to contact us! Here are some fun activities that come with an environmentally conscious aspect:

We are looking forward to plan your group event!

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