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Beyond the Ordinary: Discovering the enchanting locations of Berlin and Hamburg

Join us on a journey beyond the ordinary as we explore the captivating cities of Hamburg and Berlin.
Not only are these cities home to two of our office locations, but they also hold hidden and unexpected locations gems waiting to be discovered. Are you looking to make your group trip truly unforgettable?
Let us help you create a memorable gala evening or a special and trendy farewell dinner. Let’s go on a treasure hunt to find the perfect location that complements your group’s unique style and preferences.

The Stadtbad Oderberger in Berlin is an exceptional venue for a gala dinner, with its captivating ambiance and architectural beauty. This historic swimming pool-turned-event space offers a unique backdrop for an elegant evening, allowing guests to dine amidst its stunning setting. The venue’s versatility, including the option to utilize the pool creatively, ensures a memorable and one-of-a-kind gala experience.

The Kulturkirche Altona in Hamburg is a historic venue known for its stunning architecture, making it perfect for a memorable gala evening. With adaptable spaces and flexible seating options, it can accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger-scale events. This former church combines historical charm with modern functionality, offering endless possibilities for creating a bespoke gala experience.

The Wasserwerk Berlin is a uniquely captivating venue that combines industrial charm with modern elegance. Its immersive water-themed installations, including stunning displays and interactive features, provide an extraordinary experience for guests. With state-of-the-art technology and flexible event spaces, this remarkable venue offers endless possibilities for creative and innovative occasions, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

©Stadtbad Oderberger
©Kulturkirche Altona
©Wasserwerk Berlin

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