Bavarian Alps

Stretching west from Germany’s remote southeastern corner to the Allgäu region near Lake Constance, the Bavarian Alps (Bayerische Alpen) form a beautiful natural divide along the Austrian border. The mountains shoot up from the foothills so abruptly and offer an impressive panoramic view on the Alps. The region full of frescoed villages, spas and health […]

Black Forest

The home of the world-famous cuckoo clock, the Bollenhut, the legendary Black Forest houses and the Black Forest gâteau today stands as a modern cultural landscape, as a Mecca for mountain bikers and as one of the largest walking regions in Germany. In addition, with the Europa Park in Rust, the region is also home […]


Berlin is not only the capital, but also the biggest and most populous city in Germany having a population of more than 3, 6 million people. . It´s one of the most influential centers of European politics and culture. In addition to the lively and relaxed life and its trendy appearance, Berlin also stands for […]


The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen played an important role in the Hanseatic League in the middle Ages. Nowadays the buildings in the romantic old town are reminiscent of the history of the Hanseatic city. The most important building is the town hall with its renaissance facade which reflects the historical importance and the wealth […]


Due to its perfect location at the river Rhine, Cologne already was an important city during the Roman Empire and later became one of the largest and most powerful cities of the medieval age in northern Europe. Today, the famous Cologne Dome is the major landmark in the city and still shows the importance the […]


Dresden is also known as Florence on the Elbe because of its many historical buildings dating back to times of the kings of Saxony. The city is dominated by the river Elbeand its green meadows along the bank, as well as the Frauenkirche, which has been completely restored in recent years. Many buildings, museums and […]


Düssseldorf is a multi-layered, gallant and cosmopolitan city, well placed at the river Rhine and west of the of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. It´s a city of great art, attractive shopping opportunities and culinary delights. The approximately one kilometer long Königsallee(Kö) is the longest shopping street in Düsseldorf and the Mecca for fashion lovers. The […]


Frankfurt is situated on the Mainriver and is one of the most important financial centers in continental Europe and home of the European Central Bank. A modern and traditional mix form the city, especially skyscrapers hosting international banks, leading to the name “Mainhatten”. Vor allem Wolkenkratzer, die internationale Banken beherbergen, geben der Stadt den Namen […]


With a population of nearly 1.85 million people, the “Free and Hanseatic City” of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the economic and cultural center of Northern Germany. The port of Hamburg, located on the Elbe river, is one of the largest and most modern ports in Europe and important for both, […]


Hanover is an important center in northern Germany and mainly known as a trade fair city such as the Hannover Messe. In 2000, Hanover hosted the Expo 2000 world exhibition, for which the exhibition grounds were extensively expanded, making it the largest in the world today. The historic old town with its picturesque half-timbered houses […]