Bavarian Alps

Stretching west from Germany’s remote southeastern corner to the Allgäu region near Lake Constance, the Bavarian Alps (Bayerische Alpen) form a beautiful natural divide along the Austrian border. The mountains shoot up from the foothills so abruptly and offer an impressive panoramic view on the Alps. The region full of frescoed villages, spas and health […]

Black Forest

The home of the world-famous cuckoo clock, the Bollenhut, the legendary Black Forest houses and the Black Forest gâteau today stands as a modern cultural landscape, as a Mecca for mountain bikers and as one of the largest walking regions in Germany. In addition, with the Europa Park in Rust, the region is also home […]


Berlin is the capital city of Germany and a major tourist and shopping destination. It is also well known for its diverse range of convention venues and media outlets. Berlin is home to some of the world’s most prominent universities, theatres and museums. After decades of desolation caused by the Berlin Wall (1961 – 1989), […]


The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the second most important foreign trade location in the Federal Republic of Germany and home of the famous Town Musicians, is formed by the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. With its 550.000 inhabitants, Bremen is rather small. On the other hand, its world-ranking seaport and its position as an […]


Due to its perfect location at the river Rhine, Cologne was already an important city during the Roman Empire and later became one of the largest and most powerful cities in northern Europe during the medieval age. Today, the famous Cologne Dome is the major landmark in the city and still shows the importance the […]


Dresden is the capital of the federal state Saxony and known as the Florence of the Elbe since many Italian style buildings are found throughout the city. Furthermore, Dresden is an important centre for science and is home to many researchers. The city is also called the “Silicon Valley of Germany” since numerous computer hardware […]


Düsseldorf, the capital of the federal state North Rhine Westphalia, is a town for business, leisure and shopping activities, located in the Rhine area. The new modern highlight is the Media Harbor with its contemporary architecture which was shaped by many internally renowned architects like Frank Gehry or Helmut Jahn. The city is easily to […]


Situated at the Main river, Frankfurt is the seat of the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and therefore the largest financial centre in continental Europe. Frankfurt is also said to be the richest city in the European Union and was birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The city has an excellent transportation infrastructure […]


The “Free and Hanseatic City” of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with 1.7 million people living here. The Hanseatic League and trade which came through the port have formed the city since the Middle Ages as have incidents like the Great Fire from 1842. Since the World War II, Hamburg has evolved […]


Hanover is the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony and especially known for hosting annual commercial expositions such as the Hanover Fair and the CeBIT. The city’s fairgrounds are the largest in the world due to the expansions which were made for the EXPO 2000. Hanover is also known for its university and […]