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Soccer in Germany has a long tradition, marked by many successes in international competitions. Not only does the German national team shine in World and European Championships, but the Bundesliga teams also have many internationally known soccer stars in their teams and deliver outstanding soccer performances. The Bundesliga is the highest soccer league in Germany. 18 teams compete annually for the trophy of “best team in Germany” in a period from August to May. Viele Mannschaften in Deutschland qualifizieren sich auch für internationalen Wettbewerben wie die Champions League und die Euro League.

Especially teams like Bayern Munich are very well known internationally because of their consistently good performances. A very special soccer feeling can be experienced in the famous stadium of Borussia Dortmund, where fans create a breathtaking atmosphere by singing and chanting the song “You never walk alone”, which is well known to soccer fans.

German soccer also means very good infrastructure and excellent arenas. Some can hold up to 75,000 visitors, which makes the game watching a spectacular event and a good combination of soccer and city trip.

Tickets can be organized in different categories, depending on the requirements of the game. Business seats and lounges are also available. Business seats and lounges are also available.

Another important event in German soccer is the German Football Cup, in which 64 teams from the Bundesliga, the 2nd division, and the German Football League play against each other. The winner plays against another winning team until the grand final, which is held in Berlin in May.

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