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Düsseldorf: The Longest Bar in the World

When coming to Düsseldorf, which is located in Western Germany, a lot of people wander through the old town, trying to find ‘the longest bar in the world’. Especially tourists are confused by the term, as it is often mistaken for being real. Unfortunately it is not – the meaning is only symbolic and means if all of the bars from the over 250 pubs in the old town would be put together, one long bar would be created.

What does the 'old' in 'Altbier' mean?

In German Düsseldorf’s famous beer is called ‘Altbier’, which translates to ‘old beer’ in English. Though it might sound strange, this is nothing negative and only means that it is a top fermented beer. This brewing method has a long tradition, with the oldest beer brewery located in Mönchengladbach starting in 1266. People used this method because there were no cooling systems invented back then. Therefore, the fermentative process had to happen at a higher temperature. This technique gives the German brown ale its unique taste, which is a little sharp and bitter but still delicious. Beer-themed tours are offered, showing people around the breweries and how Düsseldorf’s speciality beer is made.

Next to the traditional breweries in Düsseldorf, more and more pubs, cafés and nightclubs established, creating today’s charm of the old town. But the city at the banks of the Rhine has a lot more to offer than only party and beer. It is also great for a shopping spree, to enjoy art and culture at the museums or to wander around Germany’s oldest public park, the Hofgarten. So whenever you want to enjoy an unusual tasting beer, make sure to check out one of the many pubs in Düsseldorf!