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The Rheingau is one of the most distinguished wine regions in the world, stretching only 38 km between the cities of Wiesbaden and Lorchhausen along the river Rhine. It is easy to reach via Frankfurt International airport. The Rheingau is also called the “German Riviera”, due to its mild climate throughout the year and its proximity to the river Rhine.

The wine-growing tradition goes back to the Roman time and has formed and marked their way of life for many centuries. The unique weather conditions, the steep hills located on the river Rhine, the slate and sand loose soils give the ideal characteristics to noble Riesling wines and racy red wines. The full-bodied, strong wines that grow on the banks of the sun reflected river Rhine are well known around the world.

With a vineyard of over 3000 hectare, the Rheingau is one of the most important wine cultivable areas in Germany. Today, wine festivals, castles, monasteries and the river Rhine make this area to a beautiful place on earth.

The wine culture has influenced the Rheingau throughout the centuries until today.

Monks constructed stately cloisters and monasteries and run the wine growing as well as the lucrative wine trading along the river Rhine to Cologne or Amsterdam.

The monastery of Eberbach is one of the most famous and best-preserved cloisters and one of the most impressive monuments in mediaeval monastery architecture in Europe.

Besides the wine culture, the Rheingau also offers numerous other sights. Ancient castles, fortresses, noble and aristocratic villas from all eras up to the medieval times can be found.

Mediaeval castle magnificence, the romance of half-timbering houses and an avenue with stucco decorated hotels from the turn over the century attract many wine fanciers from all over the world to visit Rüdesheim every year.

Wiesbaden is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable trip to the Rheingau. The city can show up with feudal architectonic property from early glamorous times, for example the casino, the Kurhaus, the state theatre, mansions, public parks, arcades and colonnades.

There are so many of sights and activities in the area, but most of them link to wine, history and culture. The many renown vineyards like Schloss Johannisberg, Schloss Reinhardshausen or Prinz von Hessen invite for a visit with a guided tour and of course wine testing.

Besides fantastic wines, most wine growers offer traditional cuisine that reaches back in their family tradition. Almost every vineyard offers a view on the beautiful scenery and a restaurant that leaves no wish to be desired when it comes to German and Rhenish cuisine.

Boat trips on the river Rhine are the excellent way to see the landscape passing slowly by and to get an idea of what this beautiful region offers.

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